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About Us

We are a cooperative, friendly, and experienced team with experience in the hospitality industry.
We love what we do and provide our incredible clients with what they need.
The pandemic caused a difficult time for convenue. Even though the travel industry was collapsing, convenue was able to rise above it and find ways to get by this time. We are incredibly happy with our improved ability to serve our clients and customers going forward.

Exceptional Support

We are aware of how important the assistance you receive both before and after making your hotel reservation is. The Convenue support staff persevered in providing your company with a personalized budget and unique requirements for your visit. They can quickly make changes and easily respond to any queries thanks to our sophisticated tools. The journey begins when you make your hotel reservation; our work doesn’t end there!

Expert Agents

Our Hotel Industry Relations team is a group of skilled negotiators who have worked in all major event locations. Your expert agent will become your consultant and an important member of your team. Blending knowledge of the destination’s hotel offerings with the demographics of your event, they will match you with a perfect hotel set.

Our Vision

We are looking to be a leader in the housing market, with a remarkable impact on global businesses.


Our Mission

To make an effortless experience for our clients and customers while getting their accommodation.

Frequently asked questions

How can I modify my reservation?
You can easily modify your reservation by sending us an email including your request or by submitting a message through our Support Form sent on your confirmation email.
I called the hotel and can’t find my reservation record.
That’s ok, nothing to make you worry. If you booked a last-minute booking. It usually takes 2-3 hours to be shown on the hotel’s system. Otherwise, convenue transfers your booking information to the hotel one or two months before your check-in. If you need further assistance regarding this, please send us an email or call our number.
Can I book a group reservation?

We will be more than happy to assist you with your group reservation. It is usually determined by the available rooms we have at your desired hotel. If we don’t have availability at a specific hotel, we can recommend you alternative options and proceed with your reservation once you confirm.

Can I make a special request or upgrade my room?
All special requests depend on availability and may cost extra fees. Please contact us for more information.
Why should I book through you?
For you to access discounted rates negotiated specifically for your desired dates and events. Hotels For businesses will be the right company to work with. You will get reservation flexibility and other benefits that come with booking your business travel.

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